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Maidenhead (home 12th August)

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Now the dust has settled on Chesterfield, how does everyone feel about the first home game on Saturday?


I would imagine that after the week of training and rest (but with injuries) we will have to change the line up. Any suggestions as to who plays where?

I would perhaps go with Gallagher into the back three, Kuhl in the middle and starting with Seb on the left as the main changes to Saturday. Whilst Fuller isn't as adept on the left, he started there Saturday and also allows Kuhl into the line up without leaving Dan out. With Maidenhead letting a two goal lead slip (their social media suggests they were fortunate to hang on) this is a game we should be on the front foot. 

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Gary Pascoe
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Let's be realistic if we made play offs that would bloody unbelievable, but I think finishing mid table would be a very good season again. 

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@happy-hammers totally agree

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Having slept on it I’m still really flat after that defeat. Was so disappointing to see us look so unorganised and disinterested. Perhaps there was some complacency from the players after all we had beaten Maidenhead comfortably last season? 

One thing that may not help our home form is the fact we no longer train on the meadowbank pitch, the way the ball sticks and bounces is very unique and now we train at redhill on grass I wonder if this will see our home form suffer? On the flip side it should hopefully see our away form improve!

I feel we are a cb short. Would love a pacey cb who can play next to Craig in a back 4 or rcb in the usual 3. All that being said I can’t help but think the players are missing Marc on the sidelines and I do think once he is back the performances will improve. 

Will put it down to a bad day at the office and hope to see a better performance Tuesday, credit to Maidenhead they are very good at what they do and will no doubt finish in their usual lower mid table position. Roll on Tuesday

Dorking Eagle
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Marc being vocal on the touchline to pick up on little details is hugely missed. Can't wait to get this stadium ban over with.

"Why would I leave to join a League Two club? We're going there anyway!" - Marc White

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I am scrabbling around to find a few positives from Saturday, so here goes: 

As suggested by @Dorking Eagle, Marc is indeed a wizard and we miss him hugely when he's not there.

The team selection was pretty much forced upon him - I didn't have an issue with it - but it clearly was unbalanced, due to the lack of left footers, as flagged by @Jlamps.  BUT we have Bobby Joe to come in to provide that balance. The Wanderers system requires shifting the ball quickly from side to side. Two seasons ago Bobby Joe would regularly ping it from left touchline over the head of opposing LB to Briggs or Wheeler hugging other touchline.  That ball did a lot of damage and can do so again. 

The rotation amongst the back 4 in possession was good, as it allowed Kuhl to get on the ball more and pick a pass. He just needed more options - short and long. 

Male was very solid and comfortable in goal. Made some good claims of crosses and distributed well.

After those silly first half bookings, players may have learnt that under new interpretation of rules there is no point arguing, wasting time etc etc. Let's hope Marc gets it when he returns, otherwise he won't be spending much time in the grounds this season! 

All the front men looked sharp - but lacked decent service.

Final straw to clutch - had Harry's shot gone in rather than hit post, it would've been a draw - albeit a lucky one. 

It will be better v Southend - onwards and upwards!




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