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Farewell Slav

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Very sorry to see Slav leave the club, evidently Marc was reluctant make him Number One keeper next season.  Anyone know where he is going?

He was the first player to impress me when I first started going to West Humble before we got to the Isthmian Prem. His professionalism and dedication was impressive right from the start.  His great saves during the penalty shoot-out when we got promoted will go down in DWFC history.

And what a lovely guy.  So polite and always willing to have a chat.


Good luck Slav, you've still got a lot to offer.


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No idea where he is going but I am sure it wont be too far away. Maybe the likes of Leatherhead, Raynes Park Vale etc ?

Slav loves this club, and considering he has hardly played for the first team over the last 2.5 years what incredible loyalty.

He will always be welcome back here!

"Why would I leave to join a League Two club? We're going there anyway!" - Marc White

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In truth he should have left at the beginning of last season when Male was brought in. 

He has not played since Lincoln was brought in and that was in 21/22 season. 

I am not sure if he ends up at RPV or Leatherhead, but are step 4 currently although Leatherhead could go up to step 3. Around step 4 is where has played regularly in the past and done well at and he is only 31.

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@jacksonfairweather He played a little bit last season. Lincoln wasn't available at the start of the season due to cricket commitments so he played the first 7 games. He also played the FA Cup game against Eastleigh and at Southend away. He then obviously played the recent Rochdale away game this season.

Personally I would have kept him as second choice, as he seems very happy with that role which is tough to find in a keeper. I think he would have been good enough for that role in the NLS as well.

I'm not convinced we have any youth level keepers who are good enough for that role yet so now we need to look at signing 2 keepers.

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Maybe he wanted more regular, stable football. He has hardly played in last two years.