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Am I just imagining this, but there seems to be a big imbalance between the number of home and away midweek games with far more away? 

And why so many (away) midweeks this season? Seems crazy to finish up so relatively early, when surely extending the season by 3 weeks or so could mean 3 less midweek games? Just a thought.

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Postponements have increased amount of away mid-week games, whereas home games never postponed due to artifical pitch (Horsham have similar issue). Although as you say, you thought Dorking would have got one midweek home game this year (last one was in October).

Wealdstone away has now been fitted in Thursday 11th April, due to them having games postponed and still in FA Trophy. So that is two away games in 3 days.

I don't  think you could extend the season, as there is still the playoffs in May, and you don't want the season extending into June as otherwise there would be no break before pre-season.


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Total midweek games last season = 12

(Home: 5 / Away: 7)


Total midweek games this season = 10

(Home: 3 / Away: 7)


So actually less midweek this season compared to last due to a couple less at home. The Dagenham home game was supposed to be a midweek but got moved to a free Saturday so would have been only 1 less if that had stayed as it was.

2 of the away midweek this season were a result of postponements so it would have been 4 at home and 5 away if gone as planned. There were 3 midweeks moved last season (1 at home and 2 away) so it should have been 4 home and 5 away last season as well.

(I'm not counting the bank holiday Friday/Monday games as midweek)

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You always get 9 'evening' midweek league games in a season when the fixtures come out (in a 24 team VNL)

I massively appreciate that the league try their hardest to make most of the 'evening midweek aways' local(ish)

In the first season the rotten one was Torquay (then of course Halifax moved to midweek after the Queen died and moved it from the original Saturday). Gateshead away became midweek after a January frozen pitch.

This season the 'worst' midweek away originally scheduled was Southend. Really can't complain about that.

Alty became midweek after a waterlogged pitch, and even when it got rescheduled to a Saturday their frozen pitch was another problem!

York midweek came about because they had to play a Trophy match on the Saturday it was originally scheduled for.

CrawleySth is spot on that our midweek home games never fall foul to weather postponements.

Lets hope next season we are going to the likes of Dagenham and Barnet midweek rather than Farnborough and Hemel!

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