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[Sticky] Ticket Trading thread (please read the first post before using the thread!)

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If you are proposing to sell (or buy) Match tickets you MUST read this:

Subject to any restrictions imposed by the Club you are permitted to offer match tickets for sale (note: not other tickets, such as England Internationals) on this forum on the following basis:

1) The price must be the face value or less ;
2) The tickets must be yours to sell (i.e. not sold on behalf of a third party);
3) You must ensure that the tickets are transferable (and not useable only by a named individual).

You may also post requests for match tickets - but may NOT offer more than face value (or other non monetary incentives).

Note that sales of Season tickets are NOT PERMITTED except with the prior approval of a Moderator. Please note that approval may be subject to the seller first obtaining the Club's consent to a transfer - and in no circumstances may Season Tickets be sold at a price which exceeds the pro-rata value of each game. Anyone abusing this rule will face suspension or an immediate ban.

You are strongly advised not to post mobile phone numbers on this forum, but use e-mail and/or pm in the first instance to facilitate the sale. You should only deal with people who you trust. This forum cannot be held responsible for any consequences should you ignore this advice.

Anyone who takes advantage of such ticket sales offered should be aware that these transactions carry no recommendation by this forum or its Moderators, who cannot take any responsibility for them. It is up to each individual to check that such transactions are legal, reliable and safe. This forum will accept no liability for any tickets which are not delivered as promised and/or any monies lost as a result.

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