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The aim

The Dorking Wandering Fans Forum has been set up by fans with the support of the Supporters Trust. It is completely independent of the club.

The aim is to provide a forum for fans to discuss all things Dorking Wanderers, to carry on the conversations in the Fan zone after the game and to enable fans living far from Meadowbank to get involved. We want to provide a space for fans to swap information and views about the club and watching matches. And even for away fans to share their experiences of visiting and playing Dorking.  

Please do get involved in the Forum; all we ask is that you stick by some very common sense rules – set out below – to ensure that it remains constructive and fun for everyone. 

Forum Rules

In simple terms, keep it polite and constructive. We don't want the Forum to be full of moans and criticism - it will hopefully be a supportive way of improving engagement with the club and supporting the growth of the fanbase. So, offensive, sweary, potentially libellous or personally abusive messages will be edited or removed. Please do not make aggressive, antagonistic or extreme comments just to provoke reaction.

Anyone straying the wrong side of these lines – as judged by the Moderator Team - will initially be warned by email. Serious and repeat offenders will be banned.

Anyone can view all of the Forum. You will need to register and login in order to post anything; one username per email address. Please note that verification emails may go into junk folders.


Decisions by the Moderator Team regarding content will be taken collectively by a small team of moderators, in consultation with the Supporters Trust, as necessary. We want to allow discussions to be lively and respectful. You may not agree with every decision, but we are doing our best for everyone. So please don’t shout at the ref – leave that to the Gaffer on a Saturday 😊.


Please direct any questions to the forum admin and moderating team by email: 

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